September 15 (mini) Update

Full Screen Takeoffs Are Here!

We now automatically hide the spreadsheet window when you launch a measurement
Tip: just press the ENTER or ESCAPE key to complete an active measurement (to make the spreadsheet re-appear)
Try it out and let us know what you think!

Add Sales Tax to Materials by Default

When items are added to the project from the cost database, we now add sales tax to materials by default
You can still toggle “With Tax” OFF if you choose

To speed things up even more, we also now default “Use this Item Name” = YES when you haven’t named the item yet

default item name Marketing - New Feature Updates

September 1 Release – New Features!

Pricing Assistant v2

BuilderBid’s Pricing Assistant gets a major upgrade 🙌

The revamped catalog layout makes it easier to find the right items

600k+ new supplier items in your area have been added from suppliers like Ferguson’s /, LL Flooring, etc… (and more coming soon)

widget v2 screenshots 1 Marketing - New Feature Updates
widget v2 screenshots 3 Marketing - New Feature Updates

Copy Estimate from Another Project

Estimating a project that’s similar to one you’ve already completed?

No need to start from scratch

Now you can use the “Copy from Project” feature to import an estimate spreadsheet from another project

Pre-Built Assemblies (v1)

We are working to build out a library of pre-built assemblies for every trade

You will be able to search the BuilderBid library for assemblies that you can pull right into your template or project estimate

Soon, these assemblies will be setup so they are takeoff-ready:
–measurements setup
–linked to live costs from the pricing database (when possible)

Note: this feature is still in Beta and will be enhanced in the coming months
We plan to add many more assemblies and implement an easier, more visual way to search

Bug Fixes + 39 Usability Improvements

We fixed the spreadsheet scrolling bug
We addressed an issue where the scale could not be automatically identified on certain PDF files

Plus we made 39 other minor improvements or bug fixes throughout the app
So you can enjoy a more seamless estimating experience

For example, now perform certain actions with fewer clicks:
Changes you make to measurement properties & Waste/Markup/Taxes now update immediately (no need to click Save)

Set Defaults for Global Markup & Taxes

Global Markup can be used when you want to markup most line items and hide the markup amount within the unit cost.

We added two options in the Project Settings window, so you can set default values for the global markup, tax rate, and tax settings. This will automatically default future projects to those settings.

Have questions about the best way to apply your profit & overhead the way you’re used to? Reach out to our team for assistance.

Full Screen View on Preview/Proposal Tabs

The UI now automatically adjusts to display the Preview & Proposal tabs in full screen view

New Report to Summarize Costs by Type

If you like to classify your line items by Type, then you can now use this new Summary-level report
which will break out the total cost by Type
Tip: select “Hide if Total = $0” to hide any columns/rows that do not apply

Added More Scale Options

We added the engineering scales to our scale tool (1″ = X’)
Found a scale we don’t have in the list? Let us know!

Coming Soon: Add Users to Your Team

We are almost finished with a new feature allowing you to add additional users to your Company Account
So you will no longer need to share the same login 😆🤗

This feature will be included in the next release, stay tuned!

July 10 Release – New Features!

Pricing Assistant

BuilderBid’s new Pricing Assistant is live 🙌👷

We are making it even easier to predict your costs and stay ahead of rising prices

Now you can look up labor & material prices for your area (on more than 25,000 items)

Link an existing line item to a live cost in our catalog
OR search for new items to pull into your estimate template

Easily adjust the live cost up/down if needed

We’ll keep an eye out for prices increases and automatically adjust your template cost when we hear about a change

Improved Spreadsheet Performance

The spreadsheet feature just got a big upgrade

Now we can smoothly handle larger spreadsheets

With the next release, we’re planning additional improvements to the speed and responsiveness of the spreadsheet tool
((soon we’ll be able to handle 1000+ line items with ease))

Spreadsheet Groups

We made it so you have the option to organize line items into groups.

Groups can be collapsed/expanded before export, so they can be used to shorten the estimate or just to hide extra detail you don’t want to show the customer.

Customize What the Client Sees

Now you have more flexibility to customize how the budget looks for your client

The “Configure the View” menu allows you to customize what rows/columns are visible, before you export

See $/SF, Markup, Margin, & More

We’ve added an analytics section to the top of the Preview tab to summarize key metrics for your project, including:
-Builder Cost vs Total Price
-Markup vs Margin
-$/SF vs $/USF

In the future, we’ll be adding more visuals here (ex: pie chart summary)