Streamline Your Estimating Process

Quote jobs fast and accurately with our innovative split-screen UI that updates the budget automatically as you measure the plans.

Reduce typos and mistakes by using a tool that does all the calculations for you as you go.

With BuilderBid, you can stress less about the numbers.

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A Powerful Set of Features

Optimized for Speed

Add, delete, or duplicate line items with the click of a button

Excel-Like Capabilities

Automate manual data entry with cell formulas and cell references

Link to Measurements

Auto-populate quantity cells by linking measurements to line items

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A Spreadsheet Built Like Excel

We created a robust spreadsheet that functions like Excel.

Quickly add, remove, or modify cost items as you go.

Use custom cell formulas and cell references to automate calculations and save time.

The spreadsheet is fully customizable and we provide the option to use cost codes for those who want to categorize job costs.

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Takeoffs Update the Estimate As You Go

We designed a seamless estimating experience you will love.

The takeoffs fall into the estimate as you measure the plans. Any changes are automatically accounted for in the budget.

There’s no more switching back-and-forth between multiple programs, since the plans and spreadsheet are both visible in the same screen.

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Website - Estimates
Website - Estimates

Professional-Level Proposals

Our professional-level quotes will take your spreadsheets to the next level. Send prospective clients a proposal that wows and differentiates you from your competitors.

BuilderBid can help you close more deals.

Plus, we have multiple ways of summarizing the budget. View it as an itemized detail of each line item, or as a high-level summary.

Export to PDF or XLS/CSV as needed to send to a client, place in a contract, or to upload into a job costing software.

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What Users Had to Say

Solid Rock Builders

We love using BuilderBid to walk customers through the budget. Once everything is itemized, we can make changes and see the project budget update in real time.

— Lucas Roberts

Holly Construction

Bo imported our budget spreadsheet and saved it as a template the same day we sent it. They made the initial setup easy and the support is unmatched!

— Holly Johnson

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