A Better Way to Estimate

We have developed an intuitive pricing model that is easy to modify as requirements change. You can quickly plug in bids, modify allowances or pricing, and watch the construction cost update in real time.

For Example: we don’t need to calculate every nail and material involved in making shutters. We just need to input the quantity of shutters. Then let the model multiply that count by the typical cost of material, labor, and paint/stain finishing of each shutter.

Our aim is to reduce the vast majority of time spent measuring out and estimating costs and leave you hopefully with just the final review and refinement.

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Software Features

Our software is continuously improving. Upon order submission, you will have access to several tools to help further streamline and systemize your pre-construction process.

  • Specifications
  • Request Bids
  • Draft Contracts
  • Request Contract E-Sign
  • And more!

What Sets Us Apart?

We take hundreds of factors into account when pricing each plan and are intimately familiar with new construction labor and material costs in Arkansas. We will work with you to verify quality and finish-out assumptions, identify cost drivers, and answer any questions.